Debra company offers safety net systems for collective protection of persons against falls from a height.

Our company is the only one on the Polish market to provide safety nets with the attestation issued by the Silesian University of Technology in accordance with norm PN-EN 1263-2.

Debra provides complete systems tailored to the needs of our customers (rent and sale).

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Net working platforms NetProtect

Net working platforms are a reasonable alternative for cradles and scaffolds erected on a required height. Net working platforms can be used for all mounting works. They allow employees to comfortably work on constructions on which our platforms are erected. For this reason, they are cheaper than scaffolds and allow to perform a wider range of works on the construction site. They are very effective during fit-out works of roofs (e.g. stadium roofing) or halls after erection of their basic construction. Additionally, they protect against the falls of workers who do not have to use individual protection measures limiting their comfortable movement. Thanks to our working platforms, the works on heights are performed quicker and more effectively.

Net working platforms consist of safety nets complying with PN-EN 1263-1 and transverse elements which pass through the net and are made of belts. They may be used as circulation areas and working areas. Nets and belts are located on proper construction elements which enable safe attachment, e.g. steel constructions, trusses of glued wood, reinforced concrete of prestressed cement, steel anchors etc.


Attaching net working platforms

Net working platforms are attached with ropes or belts every 50 cm or less. The minimum breaking strength of ropes shall be 30 kN. Belts shall comply with norm EN 12195-1 (Load restraint assemblies on road vehicles).


Slope and distances

The maximum slope of net working platforms shall be 20 degrees. The distance between the slope and the lower edge of the structure shall not exceed 1.5 m.


Net type

Nets shall comply with class B1 in accordance with PN-EN 1263-1. The maximum mesh size shall be 45x45 mm.


Attaching and fastening of belts

Belts used as transverse elements pass through the net every 10 meshes or less. Maximum distance between the belts is 2 m x 2 m. The maximum distance between the belt and the net edge is 2 m. Initial tensile strength in the belt is regulated manually. The minimum horizontal loads on the anchor points shall be 2.2 kN.


Permissible deflections of net working platforms

The maximum deflection in the case of one person's load, at the most unfavorable position, shall be 50 cm. After pulling the belts next day, the maximum deflection shall be 30 cm.


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Instruction manual is to be prepared soon.


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