Debra company offers safety net systems for collective protection of persons against falls from a height.

Our company is the only one on the Polish market to provide safety nets with the attestation issued by the Silesian University of Technology in accordance with norm PN-EN 1263-2.

Debra provides complete systems tailored to the needs of our customers (rent and sale).

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System T NetProtect

Floor system

Floor system is mostly used during construction of consecutive levels of a building.

Scaffolding system

Scaffolding safety system is applied during all elevation works in buildings, mainly due to the use of two nets which are a covering and protecting system.

Wall system

Wall system is a great complementary solution providing safety in places which are difficult to reach, for example during roofing works or on bridges.


Legal reference

The legal footing for safety nets and related systems is the following:

  • Decree No.401 of 6 Feb. 2003 of the Minister of Infrastructure concerning occupational safety and health during construction work, Journal of Laws No 47, item 401 of 19th March 2003, §6 point 1, which refers to collective protection measures including safety nets;
  • Norm PN-EN 1263-1 and PN-EN 1263-2:2004.

System T NetProtect complies with the above requirements.

System T NetProtect is one of NetProtect systems offered by Debra Piotr Stanik company. It is a solution designed for collective protection of persons and objects against falls from a height. Moreover, it is a reasonable alternative to other common solutions used in construction sites such as guard rails and protection scaffolds Our systems turn out to be the best solution to effectively and easily protect employees particularly during shell building works, for example flooring.

System T NetProtect protects against falls from the maximum height of 6 m. For this reason, it must be moved according to needs. Moving the system is easy and fast.

System T NetProtect protects against falls of persons. The mesh size of safety nets is 100x100 mm or 45x45 mm. To protect against falls of objects, an additional net 75-200 g/m2 can be used (eg. a typical net protecting a scaffolding). The safest solution is to use both nets simultaneously, in this case, the net 75-200g/m2 is attached to the net of mesh size of 100x100 mm or 45x45 mm.

System T NetProtect consists of:

  • a safety net with a border rope;
  • brackets to attach the net horizontally which are anchored outside buildings or constructions;
  • tie and coupling ropes.

The system protects against falls of employees working on floors, flat roofs, roofs of maximum slope of 20% or working levels (floors) where openings in outer walls are situated lower than 1.1 m with respect to the working level, and such openings are not protected by required guard rails.

We offer one kinds of systems: protection systems.


Depending on an anchorage point, a proper anchorage force is required:

a) positioning on the wall:

  • minimum anchorage force - 8kN,
  • minimum anchorage depth - 110 mm.

b) positioning on the floor:

  • minimum anchorage force - 5kN,
  • minimum anchorage depth - 110 mm.


Maximum fall height

The maximum fall height in all cases is 6 m.


Minimum distance between safety net and ground

The minimum distance between the safety net and the ground should be 3.5 m



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