Debra company offers safety net systems for collective protection of persons against falls from a height.

Our company is the only one on the Polish market to provide safety nets with the attestation issued by the Silesian University of Technology in accordance with norm PN-EN 1263-2.

Debra provides complete systems tailored to the needs of our customers (rent and sale).

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System S NetProtect

System S NetProtect is one of NetProtect systems offered by Debra Piotr Stanik company. It is a solution designed for collective protection of workers and objects against falls from a height. It offers a reasonable alternative to other common solutions used in construction sites such as guard rails and protection scaffolds Our systems turn out to be the best solution to effectively and easily protect employees particularly during shell building works, for example flooring.


System S NetProtect protects workers against falls. The mesh size of safety nets shall be 100x100 mm or 45x45 mm. To protect against falling objects, an additional net 75-200 g/m2 can be used (eg. a typical net protecting a scaffolding). The safest solution is to use both nets simultaneously, in this case, a protection net should be attached on the net of mesh size of 100x100 mm or 45x45 mm.


Size of safety nets

The minimal surface area of system S safety nets shall be 35 m2. If the safety net is not a square, the shorter side shall be at least 5 m long.


Attaching with attachment ropes

System S safety nets shall be attached with attachment ropes to special anchors or other permanent construction elements which can take proper loads. The maximum gap between attachment ropes shall be 2.5 m. The minimum taken load is 6 kN.


Safety net linkage

For the linkage of single safety nets, coupling ropes in accordance with EN 1263-1 shall be used. The linkage shall be used in such a way that gaps greater than 100 mm shall not develop between the edges of the nets.

If system S safety nets are linked by overlapping, the minimum overlap shall be at least 2.0 m.


Maximum fall height

The maximum fall height in all cases is 6 m.


Minimum distance between safety net and ground

The minimum distance between the safety net and the ground shall be 3.5 m




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