Debra company offers safety net systems for collective protection of persons against falls from a height.

Our company is the only one on the Polish market to provide safety nets with the attestation issued by the Silesian University of Technology in accordance with norm PN-EN 1263-2.

Debra provides complete systems tailored to the needs of our customers (rent and sale).

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Systems NetProtect

About NetProtect

NetProtect is a proper name of safety net systems offered by Debra company.

The legal footing for safety nets and related systems is the following:

  • Decree No.401 of 6 Feb. 2003 of the Minister of Infrastructure concerning occupational safety and health during construction work, Journal of Laws No 47, item 401 of 19th March 2003, §6 point 1, which refers to collective protection measures including safety nets;
  • Norm PN-EN 1263-1 and PN-EN 1263-2:2004

General information about safety net systems

According to norm PN-EN 1263-1:


Safety nets for use in construction and other assembly work, e.g. as devices to catch falling persons during the construction of halls and bridges, in open line construction as side protection, as anti-fall devices or devices to catch falling persons on working scaffolds, as side protection for safety scaffolds at roofs and in tunnelling can be chosen as a technically suitable and economic solution to catch persons falling from a height. They serve to protect from deeper falls even when larger areas in plan occur.

Employees working above the area protected by safety nets can move freely during all works, which is impossible in the case of protection provided by ropes and harnesses. Another advantage of safety nets is that they catch workers more softly than ropes due to their significant plasticity.

According to norm PN-EN 1263-2:2004, there are four systems of safety nets:

Systems S,T, and V protect against falls from the maximum height of 6 m from an open edge. System U does not allow workers to go beyond an open edge (Debra does not offer system U).

Net working platforms offered by Debra are based on the S system safety nets.


Debra was set up in 2008. Our company offered comprehensive services related to scaffolding technology and occupational safety on scaffoldings and heights.

Debra has widened its range of services by introducing new technologies and products. Now we also offer technical counselling, conduct tests and analyses, as well as design new products.


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